Arunachala -The holy mountain of Tiruvannamalai

„To the origins of the yoga“

The Arunachala with a height of approx. 980 m is one of the holiest mountains of Hindu India and rises over the city of Tiruvannamalai, approx. 150 km away to Chennai (early Madras). It belongs geologically to the oldest Indian rock formations and is a place of residence of enlightened Indian yogis and masters since centuries. The best known one is Sri Ramana Maharshi. He founded here his Ashram (spiritual community) which is as alive even today. In the present of the mountain every year practising yogis, teachers and schoolboys of the Advaita-Vedanta assemble here from all over the world to find consolation, help, advice and support on her spiritual way. Meditation and yoga is lighter here than somewhere else, she happens almost by itself. In this respect the trip to the Arunachala is not a normal tourist kind of “sightseeing”, but more a pilgrim’s trip „to itself“

Already the name of “Arunachala” should donate big blessing, around how many more the stay to his “feet”….

Experiences lead us sometimes to our borders, how so often on pilgrim’s travelling. Small check will not be missing and leads us slowly and affectionately to ourselves.

Who we are? This is the big question of the Advaita-Vedanta. It is (so is said) the mountain which calls his pilgrims to itself, not we who choose whether we want to come or rather not.


Annelie (Anna)