Our dream: a digital classroom in Om Shanthi Garden

After several weeks again this winter (late Jan. – Mar.) spending time living with our dear widows at the Old Age Home, Paulette and I have arrived home. As always, saying goodbye was difficult. Om Shanthi Old Age Home is becoming more and more a second home for us, and the women have become as […]

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Back in Tiruvannamalai February 2022

After a very challenging pre-travel paperwork/ computerized protocol, Anna and I  arrived safely in India, mid-January with our 30 day visa, and other multiple required documentation due to Covid, in hand. Omicron is fairly quiet in Tiruvannamalai, though many here lost multiple family members and friends due to Delta.  At the time of our arrival, […]

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Very good news from Tiruvannamalai October 2021

  We are very happy to announce that our Om Shanthi Old Age Home was awarded as best Old Age Home in the district of Tamil Nadu. Rhada, Mary and Dyothi, residents of our home, had the honour to receive the award from the district officials. The event shows the excellent work done by Manoharan […]

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India May 2021

The Pandemic continues We are deeply touched by your interest and compassion, which has been expressed by you since we saw pictures of the catastrophic Corona situation in North India on TV. Many of you have already ask for information about the situation in Tamil Nadu. We thank you very much for your deep concern […]

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India April 2020

Curfew in and around our town Tiruvannamalai and the villages We hope you are fine at home during these auspicious times, where most of the world populationis curfewed more or less in order to fight the Corona-virus. In gratefulness to many people, who do services relentlessly in supermarkets, transporting food in lorries, hospitals, pharmacies, police, […]

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India March 2020

Supporting the educational needs of widows and their children Like always time has passed so fast in Tiruvannamalai/India, where Paulette and I stayed during the winter saison. Being back home, I wonder if you get our newsletters regularly, so that I can carry on, where I left off last time. If not, you can go […]

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India 2019

Meeting the needs of widowed and destitute women and their children We share this update to inform you of the latest happenings for the widows in South India, with deepest gratitude in our hearts for all your support, without which none of the following events would have occurred. Our Om Shanthi Old Age Home has […]

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Valli just widowed with two children, now we will help her.

Story of Valli (India 2014)

Widow of Tiruvannamalai/Tamil Nadu – South India Valli became a widow at the age of 34 years the 1st of September 2014. Her husband was a mason-assistant and went back and forth at night from one building site to the other. He was asleep because of exhaustion and fell out of the train. In order […]

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Painting at the table

India 2015

  “Florence Home” – Our second Old Age Home building – space for another 13 women   I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did during this past year: your enthusiasm to help, your kind work, your blessings and wish that the world may become a better one […]

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