Volunteer and Support Opporunities

We invite you to visit our Om Shanthi Old Age Home in Tiruvannamalai, to learn and experience firsthand the many ways our project supports the needs of the elderly and abandoned widows. Similarly, we also provide support to younger widows and their children in the community.
We welcome you to actively participate in the project should that be your desire, volunteering your talents and loving support while you are there; there are many ways to do so.
Or, perhaps you are engaged with an organization in the USA, and would like to hold a benefit event in your town.
If you are interested, please email Paulette Elberti at widowsofIndiaOmShanthi@gmail.com


As a supporting member you support with your contribution the work of our association and contribute to the fact that we can finance the general costs for the Om Shanthi Old Age Home and the help to 160  widows in Tiruvannamalai.

Moreover belong, primarily:

the care of other destitute widows
the salaries for 6 employees on site
other additional costs and new projects

You determine yourselves the height of your contribution, the least contribution amounts monthly to 5.00€.

To hold our account processing costs low, we would be grateful to you, if you could use our forms of payment processes.
Other details follow if the association foundation is concluded.