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India 2014/15

Our partner-organizations – helping to make it happen Another winter in India with the widows is over and I would like to tell you the great news, that happened in India with the widows. The best one is that Aruna Partnership, our friends in the USA, is fully supportive to the widow project. Huge donations […]

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in the house

India 2012/13

A “forever home” for elderly, homeless women is ready! Every year when it is time to leave Tiruvannamalai, I feel my time here has been the best ever. You ask, “Why?” Although it took a number of months to complete India’s requirements and formalities regarding the inauguaral day for the Om Shanti Old Age Home, […]

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India 2011/12

Om Shanthi Old Age Home is inaugurated The 1/13/2012 is the beginning of “Pongal” the Indian Thanksgiving Day, the highest Indian official holiday and in the same time payment date of the widow’s pensions. My travel group will pay to 82 widows our monthly alimony of 7$ = 250 Rupees, and distribute new  mats and […]

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India 2010/11

Thank you Shanthimalai Ashram! The most fantastic piece of news is that the government of Tamil Nadu has committed to construct 4 to 5 houses for the poorest people in each village, annually.  We experience such great joy to hear (and see) that this is happening! This year, I was so happy to be able […]

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India 2009/10

  Repairing and finding shelter for the destitute women On December 12, 2009, I am back in India!  As with every visit, I cannot wait to set my eyes on the holy mountain, Arunachala! Here is a picture of Arunachala, in all its glory: I soon find my beggar women friends sitting in front of […]

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India 2008/09

  “There, but for the grace of God, go I”   As of December 31, 2008, 13 elderly beggar women have been registered with Shantimalai Ashram, authorizing them to receive a monthly pension of 250 rupees (approximately $6 US). They have been issued a photo identification card, which also enables the women to receive free […]

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